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Character Profile
Name Kaho
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Harvest Cleric
Guild ???
Name Kaho Izumi
Age ???
Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//CELL

— Kaho —

Kaho (カホ) is a character in .hack//CELL, a novel set in The World R:2.



Her PC was describe as a young girl wearing an almost all white nurse like clothing with wave tattoos in both sides of her hips, Kaho comments that her PC was extremely cute much like her user


Kaho much like her offline self is quite energetic and doesn't like leaving her friends behind, like when one of her party members started acting crazy and had to be force to leave him behind at the hands of a certain legendary PK. she also encourages her friends to keep on fighting during battles and she will heal them up


Basic Info



Kaho first appears as a childhood friend and fellow schoolmate of Midori, unlike Midori she owns an M2D and is a player of The World, she tries to get her friend to buy one but sometime during their conversation Midori suddenly faints leaving Kaho to cry out loud.

Kaho also appears as one of the spectators while Bordeaux and her gang are torturing Adamas and quickly joins in when Midori jumps to save Adamas, by doing her job as a Harvest Cleric and supporting Midori whenever she gets damage.

While Midori was still healthy and staying in the hospistal Kaho visits her and lends her, her M2D to introduce her to the online game The World and Kaho's character. She also informs Midori that if she did play The World the class that would fit her would be an Edge Punisher.

Sometime after the birth of virtual Midori Kaho was in a dungeon along with an Edge Punisher and a Steam Gunner they were in a dungeon that was too high for their levels but somehow made it to the last level with only one monster left to kill, they were able to defeat the monster but after their victory the Edge Punisher started acting strange and started chasing them and after the sudden appearance of Tri-Edge Kaho and the Steam Gunner had no choice but to leave him behind and report the case to CC Corp. During their search for the real Midori, Adamas and virtual Midori encounters Kaho in the Hospital Midori was staying in she was worried sick about Midori and hadn't slept for the last few days worrying about Midori. After approaching Adamas and asking him about Midori, but due to the complication of explaining his relation with Midori, Adamas asked Kaho to come with him to The World so Midori could be part of thie conversation.




Kaho could possibly be the one who influence virtual Midori on choosing Edge Punisher as her job and the reason why Midori believe that the Edge Punishers role in the world was to slice and kill things