K-Kei (K-ケイ) is the character used by Kamachi Yuka in The World FORCE:ERA.



K-Kei looks like a woman in her thirties. She has long blonde hair and clear amber eyes. Her clothes are composed of a tight long red dress, acompanied of a golden sash and a pair of long leather gloves.



In the real life, Kamachi Yuka is an elder woman with short grey hair who dresses in a traditional pale red kimono.


K-Kei´s player, Kamachi used to be Sora´s neightbour until she moved away to Osaka from Yanagawa. She and Takefu Yuuki seemed to have formed a relationship, but due to her moving, they started dating online trough The World.

During the Second Coming of the Inmortal Dusk, she participated in the restoration of the comatose victims.

Afterwards, she and Take saw eachother in the real life once more to go out on a date.

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Take and Yuka go out on a date.

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