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Character Profile
Name Jyotaro Amagi
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Real Digitalized
Guild Project G.U.
Name Jyotaro Amagi

19 (End of The World)
24 (19 Physically): Link
27 (22 Physically): Bullet

Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor N.A.
Character Voice Yuuya Uchida
First Appearance The End of The World

"Of the people involved in Project G.U., there was one man on the team who was absolutely invaluable, Jyotaro Amagi."
Jun Bansyoya

Jyotaro Amagi (天城丈太郎) is the genius programmer responsible for the R.A. Plan, the creators of the artificial intelligence, Geist and the older brother & cousin to Saika Amagi.


Jyotaro at the funeral for Ayaka Amagi with his niece Saika Amagi


At the young age of sixteen, Jyotaro Amagi with his sister or his niece, Saika Amagi attending her mother's funeral, Ayaka Amagi, the one whom he had fell in love, died due to an illness she had been diagnosed. He began to stop believing in life and which her death become a major drives for him for researching the Real Digitalization. When he reached age of eighteen, he left his niece to lived with their uncles and much to her feeling betrayed by him in order to assigned himself for Japan's Ministry Economics.

Soon after, he developed and open up close beta online game or his test program, Akashic Line with over 666 users are log into the game, and Tokio Kuryuu was one of the users. Following few months, Tokio had finally beating the final quest, defeating the dark lord, and saving the princess which is an NPC created by Jyotaro, he began to witnessed for instant that he was successfully Real Digitalized becoming the only Doubleware to be discovered by the game. Although he did not understand this at the time, this direct contact left a lasting impression on both him and the NPC. This caused him began to impressed with his theory are being correct and needed more powerful system that could surpassed Akashic Line in order to fulfilled his ideals for the Real Digitalization.

As he found that the Ultimate AI, Aura which lives in the network has vanished from existence and learn the truth about the Morgana incident, The Second Network Crisis, and plans to salvage the power of the eight phases that triggered the anomaly. and so he proposed the R.A. Plan to CC Corp and they were lured by his sweet talk about "Creating Aura's power by human hands" leads to it's plan to be approved.

The End of The World

Jun Bansyoya & Jyotaro Amagi argue about the possibility of an Anti Existence

As he reached age of nineteen, Jyotaro Amagi had already made a name for himself as a genius level programmer by working for Japan's Ministry of Economics. Due to his expertise he was soon hired by CC Corporation to be one of the leaders for Project G.U. and help CC Corp. in their attempt to build a new Ultimate A.I.

He was paired up with Jun Bansyoya and together they wrote up the R.A. Plan. A plan in which the Eight Phases of Morganna would be sealed inside specially-created Epitaph PCs and used by players to recreate Aura. When Jun came forward with concerns that the plan might create a new Anti Existence, Amagi laughed it off.

Concerned by his attitude, Jun decided to sabotage the project and stole the Epitaph PC containing Tarvos. However, Amagi had created a special dummy program to substitute for it, and was able to proceed with the R.A. Program. The program was a complete disaster, and Amagi went insane, setting fire to CC Corp headquarters after which he uploaded himself into the network, while an AI counterpart of his own creation Geist would go on to continue his work.


Amagi's AI creation Geist

AIKA Jyotaro's NPC creation from the Akashic Line based off his lost aunt Ayaka Amagi

Amagi's legacy would continue to live on in the form of a special program he created. This program, which would eventually become the groundwork for the game The World R:X, capable of physically inserting a player directly into the game. This copy would eventually fall into the possession of Tokio.

During half-through of the game, he was first mentioned by Saika as her brother and then by Pi who explained more about his background to Tokio during their mission in alternate 2017.

Amagi suffering from Outer Dependency Syndrome

He first appeared when Tokio, Saika, and Cello confronted Geist for the last time and to rescue Klarinette. Geist revealed that Jyotaro is his master whom he had kept at his hideout as he had become catatonic. Geist explained that he intend to complete Jyotaro's research to create Immortal Dusk. Flugel interrupted that Jyotaro's plan had already failed and as the result, Amagi's mind was deteriorating. Geist won't listen to this until Jyotaro suddenly became a monster and then deleted Geist as he questioned his existence. However, this didn't last long as he crumbled into pieces of data but not before uttering his aunt's name, Ayaka, the moment he saw Saika. From Tokio and Saika's conversation afterwards, it was assumed that his consciousness could never return since Tokio apologized to Saika that he "cannot save her brother".

He's last seen laying in the hospital room with Saika and later visited by Tokio who had returned to the real world.


Jyotaro Amagi and Ryuuji Sogabe during Bullet

Three years after the events of 2020, Amagi resides in what appears to be a psychiatric care facility where he is visited by Ryuuji Sogabe where he currently suffers from amnesia due to the experience.


  • Amagi was the one responsible for destroying the wandering A.I. Mia, who he deleted in order to extract Macha from her data.
  • Jyotaro is Saika Amagi's cousin and adoptive "brother" from .hack//LINK.