"I'm just spreading the seeds."
— Ovan —

Join is the third episode of .hack//Roots.


Haseo in an awkward situation.

A rumor about Haseo has begun spreading on the BBS entailing that he has very high stats. Ender believes that Ovan could be involved with this rumor and that TaN cannot ignore this. Haseo is interrupted while training by a group wanting him to join them, calling him the 'Legendary Black Adept Rogue.' He quickly runs away from this group and is found by another group calling him the 'Black Adept Rogue of Charm,' who quickly start to kick him in hopes that Chim Spheres or Rare Items would be given to them. Disappointed by their fortunes, they start to attack Haseo but are dispatched by Tawaraya.

Tawaraya informs Haseo of the rumors about him that have been circulating on the BBS and wants to know his connection to Ovan. Tawaraya believes that it was Ovan who started the rumors about Haseo. They make a deal that they will tell each other everything they know, but Tawaraya is shocked to find out that Haseo actually knows very little about Ovan. Tawaraya reports back to TaN, learning nothing useful. Tawaraya and Ender are still confused as to why Ovan has such an interest in Haseo.

Haseo joins the Twilight Brigade.

Tabby tracks Haseo down in the Root Town and gives him a guest key to the Twilight Brigade. She informs him that Ovan and Shino are still waiting for him to join. As Haseo stands at the bridge looking at the guest key a glitch occurs that causes all other players to disappear. However Ovan is also present and Haseo runs into an alley after him. Just as Haseo turns into the alley the glitch stops and he almost runs into Tawaraya. When he asks Tawaraya about what happened Tawaraya seems to not know anything had happened. Tawaraya begins to understand why Ovan has such an interest in Haseo, and gives him a guest key to TaN.

Back at the Twilight Brigades @HOME Shino and Ovan discuss Haseo. Shino is concerned about TaN interested in Haseo. As Haseo is sitting in a field deciding which guild to join Shino suddenly appears sitting next to him. Haseo asks her if she is going to ask him, Shino simply responds 'About what?"' Haseo leaves to decide elsewhere, where he eventually throws away the TaN guild key.

Haseo joins the Twilight Brigade. Shino is still sitting at the spot where Haseo had left her, thinking back to a conversation she had with Ovan where she asks him about the messages he posted on the BBS.


  • When Haseo is avoiding Tabby near the fountain, the two PKers that Shino saved Haseo from can be seen sitting at the fountain.