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"This boring world! Blow it all away! Boom! Boom! Kaboom! All at once! Kabooooom!!!"
— Jahad —

Jahad (ジアハート) is a Chaotic PK with the title Lady Bomber Jahad.



Jahad wears a predominantly orange toned outfit with skull motifs on her shoulders. She wears an orange handkerchief on her head that is pulled tight by a morbid tiara baring a screaming face.



Jahad seems to be an anarchist, wanting to destroy the world. This, however, may be merely a role he plays as a Chaotic PK.


Basic Info

Ayumi Isshiki (一色歩) is a twenty-one year-old who works part-time jobs during the day and as a street musician at night. He lives in Otsu Prefecture.





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  • The twin blades she uses in Redemption are much different in appearance from the concept art. In Redemption, she uses long, blue, curved blades.

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