Iyoten is a character in .hack//Quantum.



Iyoten is young man with silver hair covering his eyes and an unsettling grin on his face.


Similar to the games, Iyoten looks for as many opportunities as possible to PK others alongside Asta.


Basic Info



Iyoten is first seen alongside Shamrock and her guild mates while attempting to take on The One Sin.

After the events there, Iyoten and his partner Asta posted a large bounty on Sakuya's head in order to find and PK her. After capturing both Sakuya and Hermit, who was with her at the time, he had them placed into cheated sacks that not only couldn't be undone, but would also wipe their accounts clean should they try to log out, ordering Sakuya to call on her friend's so that he could PK them as well. However, Sakuya fought back by grabbing Iyoten with her legs and knocking him down, also knocking down several bags of powder creating a dust cloud. In the chaos, Hermit freed himself and Sakuya. At the same time, Mary and Tobias arrived to assist after reading on the Board about Sakuya being captured. Shortly after they starting running Iyoten, Asta and their grunts started to chase the group, eventually reaching a large room containing some sort of gear-based machine. Iyoten continued the chase and managed to knock Hermit into the bowels of the area. However, this triggered a black hole transporting everyone in the room to the Virtual Prison. There, Iyoten attacked Mary, unaware of what was lurking in the area. After being kicked off of Mary by Tobias, Iyoten commented on feeling the pain of the blow, looking up to see Sophia standing over him. This is the last time you see Iyoten, and it is assumed that he, Asta, and the others in his group, were PKed by Sophia along with Mary.


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