At the start of .hack//Quarantine, the player receives an E-Mail announcing the start of the Item Completion Event. Before the event can begin, it is canceled due to the current instability of The World. After Quarantine is successfully completed, the player will receive an E-Mail from CC Corp saying that the Item Completion Event can now begin.

Once the Item Completion Event has started, a special NPC will appear near the Chaos Gate. This NPC will register all items in the player's current inventory and Elf's Haven. Once registered, the items that were recorded no longer need to be in the player's possession in order to complete the event. The total number of Items the player must collect to complete the event is 758.

Required Items

The different types of items you need to collect for the Item Completion Event are:



  • Head
  • Body
  • Hand
  • Leg


  • Items
  • Scrolls
  • Treasure

Key Items

  • Grunty Food
  • Virus Cores

Non-Required Items

The Items you don't need to collect for the Event are:

  • Rare Equipment (ex: Goblin Items, Time Items, etc.)
  • Books that increase players stats (ex: Secret: Might, Power Book, Graceful Book, etc.)
  • One of a kind trade items (Chinese Food, Christmas Card, etc.)

The Mistral Certificate.


Once all 758 Items have been successfully registered, the Item Completion Event is completed and the player is awarded the following:

  • Image 56: Item Completion - Certificate
  • Movies 90 - 96, which are the .hack//SIGN memories, Elk and Bear dungeon movies
  • BGM 51: Yasashii Yoake - See-Saw (Cannot actually set it as a BGM, only listen.)