Character Profile
Name Ita
Gender Female
Race Lei Tribe
Class ??
Guild TaN
Name Ryuuji Oota
Age 32
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor Richard Ian Cox
Character Voice Akio Suyama
First Appearance .hack//Roots

"Next time I'll make sure to get some items you're interested in."
— Ita —

Ita (イータ) is a merchant who runs a shop in Mac Anu with her partner Pilocchio .



Ita is a large silverhaired beastwoman. Not one for fighting, she wears very plain and unintimidating robes. It is unknown what type of weapon she wields, or even what class she is.


Ita acts as a merchant within The World R:2. A former member of the trading guild TaN, she opened up a shop with her friend Pilocchio after the guild was disbanded. Polite and very softspoken, she has a very good understanding of human nature, and is frequently called on to settle disputes involving either her partner or her customers. Despite her soft appearance, she has an iron hard will and is always willing to put forth the extra effort to aid a customer no matter what their needs.


Basic Info

Offline Ita is a 32 year old man named Ryuuji Oota. It is possible he knows Takeshi Nomura, the player behind Pilocchio outside of the game.



Ita is a merchant and runs an item shop in Mac Anu with Pilocchio. As a former member of TaN she was approached by Tohta for information following his return to The World R:2. She helped him deal with a group of real money traders and later became one of his contacts for information regarding the state of the game. With Tohta's guidance, her shop flourished. When Tohta finally decided to leave the game, Ita promised to take over his job as an information salesman.

.hack//G.U. Returner

Ita is briefly seen at Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival, alongside Pilocchio.


  • There was much confusion among dub-watching fans as to whether Ita was male or female. In English, she had a male voice as well as bust. Although, most fans just passed her off as a male, overweight PC.