Intermezzo is an OVA episode of .hack//SIGN, and is considered the twenty-seventh episode in the series.


The episode occurs after Tsukasa is able to log out. It is about Mimiru and Bear going to a dungeon that was closed down for 2 years. The dungeon has an effect that randomly generates an enemy for each portal. As they descend, Mimiru has a flashback about her unnamed first character two years ago and her adventure here with a player called Mimika to save her unnamed net friend, who descended into that very dangerous dungeon.

Mimiru's first character.

Mimika saves Mimiru's friend from a powerful monster by using a skill that crystallizes the character to cause massive damage against enemies. However, the defeated monster falls on the crystallized Mimika, corrupting her character data. When Mimiru reaches the Gott Statue with Bear in the present, she sees Mimika immortalized as a crystal statue. It is speculated that Mimiru's name is derived from Mimika's name as a sign of respect.


Mimika as a statue.


  • Mimika should not be confused with Gardenia. Despite their similar appearance the two have no relation with each other.
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