Character Profile
Name Infini
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Adept Rogue
Guild Moon Tree
First Appearance .hack//GnU
Name ??
Age ??
Gender ??

"Love! Cat!! Cat LOVE~~!!"
— Infini —

Infini (アンフィニ, Anfini) is a character from the .hack//GnU manga.



Infini's class is an Adept Rogue, an uncommon class that allows her to use the weapons of various classes in the form of Job Extensions. She is similar in appearance to Sakubo. While all of Infini's available extensions are unknown, her first form is that of a Twin Blade. In this form she wears a pink and black sailor outfit with an oversized skirt in the same colors. An oversized hat completes her look. In her second form she loses most of her clothing and adopts a more form fitting outfit. It is unknown if she has further forms beyond this, or what classes they could be.



Infini is very easily distracted. She has the bad habit of leaving her computer at crucial moments to look at interesting things outside her window in the real world. However when she can focus she is actually a fairly skilled player. She is commonly seen with her friends and guildmates Raid and Furufuru. Despite the large amount of time she spends with him, she is completely unaware that Raid has romantic feelings for her. She is a member of Moon Tree's Seventh Division, and serves under her Captain Matsu.


Basic Info

Little is known about Infini in the real world except that she lives on the third floor of an apartment building.



Infini is an Adept Rogue and a member of the guild Moon Tree. She ran into the dead newbie Raid, and revived him at the order of her captain, Matsu. She and Furufuru are the first people that Raid sees when he's revived. She has a very hyper personality, and seems to have an obsession with cats, occasionally stopping whatever she's doing in the game and leaving her character to look at cats outside her window.


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