Character Profile
Name NA
Gender NA
Class NA
Media Information
Japanese Voice NA
English Voice NA
First Appearance .hack//Another Birth
Name ???? Igarashi
Age 16-18
Gender Female

"We've gotten too lazy. We should stop harassing her."
— Igarashi —

Igarashi is an upperclassman at Asahi Senior High School and a member of the school's Tennis Club. She was chosen for doubles along with Kobayakawa. She grew jealous when Akira Hayami was chosen as first string even though she was a freshmen and began bullying her and her friends in retaliation. Only after Akira confronted her directly did Igarashi see that it was her own lack of practice and determination that had kept her from being chosen instead. This insight caused her to stop her bullying.


  • Not enough in-text hints or distinctions are given to determine which of the pictured characters is Igarashi and which is Kobayakawa.