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Hy Brasail, the Isle of Kings

Hy Brasail, the Isle of Kings (王者の島 イ・ブラセル, Ōja no Shima I Buraseru) is a Lost Ground only accessible during official events. The island lies right outside the harbor of Mac Anu, and the skyline of the city can be seen from its shores.

The World R:2 Official Story

Hy Brasail is an artificial island created by the humans in celebration of their victory over the gods.

Epitaph of the Twilight



Alkaid is crowned Empress of the Demon Palace here, much to the disgust of her self-proclaimed rival Nanase. After Nanase throws a fit in public, Alkaid drags her away to give her a well deserved lecture.

G.U. Games

Hy Brasail is where Haseo is crowned Emperor of the Demon Palace, and later the Holy Palace. During the first ceremony, Ovan tells Atoli about Shino, and convinces her to go off on her own to prove herself to Haseo. After the Sage Palace tournament, an anonymous e-mail invites Haseo to Hy Brasail, and if he chooses to go he finds the Commentator waiting for him. The Commentator congratulates Haseo on his three rank sweep before telling him about the troubles he had trying to announce during Haseo's battles. This is also where the marriages in the Max Affection Event occur. Shino's, despite ending in Hulle Granz Cathedral, begins on the island as well.

New World

During the events of 2032, within The World Re-vice age, Hy Brasail, the Isle of Kings returns as a location this time where the protagonist can meet with up party member to raise their affection level.


  • "Hy Brasail" is a legendary paradise thought to exist during the Middle Ages.
  • In volume 2 when you travel to Hy Brasail after the Holy Palace tournament the 'Captain' will tell you congratulations on your victory at the Demon Palace if you talk to him, even though you're setting sail because of your victory in the Holy Palace.