"Help me, please. Someone help me, please..."
— Hetero —

Hetero (ヘテロ, Hetero) is a male Flick Reaper and the leader of Hetero Team.



Hetero is an imposing red-haired man dressed in a white trenchcoat. His eyes glow green, perhaps a sign of his AIDA infection. He has a rather futuristic look that is very different from most of PCs of the game. This appearance is due to AIDA, and is removed once he is freed from AIDA.


Little is known about Hetero’s personality. It seems that he had never intentionally tried to use AIDA or be associated with AIDA and was instead forcibly infected by Sakaki and used as his pawn.


Basic Info

Offline, Hajime Maekawa(前川創) is a high school student in Kouchi Prefecture. His brothers Sei and Osamu also play The World R:2.


.hack//G.U. Games

Hetero and his brothers were infected with AIDA by Sakaki, who used his power over AIDA to manipulate and control them. At his orders, Hetero entered the Sage Palace Tournament as Sakaki's "secret weapon". During the first round they fought and defeated Sirius, turning him into a Lost One. Later, during the finals they fought against Team Haseo. Though Hetero and his brothers were difficult opponents, Haseo and his teammates were able to defeat them. Using Skeith, Haseo fought against Grunwald, the AIDA that was infecting them. After the AIDA was Data Drained, Hetero and his brothers' PCs collapsed and returned to normal. Their fate after this is unknown.


  • Like his teammates, Hetero's name comes from a genetic phenotype.
  • Hetero has the same Japanese voiceactor as IYOTEN.
  • The scythe Hetero uses is called Scythe Toge. It is a normal scythe that can be purchased from Breg Epona at any time.

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