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"Unless you also want to be stripped naked, get out of my face!"
— Helluger —

'Maniac Helluger (狂おしきヘルルーガ) is a Chaotic PK in The World R:2.



Helluger appears a dark skinned woman with short blond hair wrapped in bandages She wears fish net clothing and light shoulder armor.


In the Japanese version of the game, she has a habit from switching Japanese words to English.


Basic Info

Mary Lou Hirama (平間・メリールー) is a fifteen-year-old girl living in Sendai. Her mother is Japanese and her father is an American with Japanese descent. She attends middle school in Miyagi Prefecture.


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Helluger first appears as a Chaotic PK by the name "Maniac Helluger". After she is defeated she returns alongside IYOTEN and Asta during the PK Tournament against Haseo, but is defeated along with her team members.

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