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AIDA Helen

AIDA<Helen> fighting Skeith

AIDA<Helen> is a fish-like type of AIDA that first appeared in .hack//G.U. Rebirth.


  • Pascal Bullet: Helen releases several orbs of energy that float towards its target. Slash to destroy.
  • Prolog Lazer: Helen fires an array of four lasers from its side. Dash to avoid.
  • Lisp Tackle: Helen charges towards its target to unleash a tackle and tail slap combo.
  • Photran Spin: Helen lashes about if Skeith stays close by for a period of time.


.hack//GU: Rebirth

A Helen-type AIDA attacked Atoli at the end of Rebirth, and stole her Epitaph. The AIDA was later found in the arena by Haseo's team while breaking free from an infected Sirius. Once defeated, the Azure Orca and Azure Balmung that had been assisting Sirius were revealed to be mere illusions, presumably from Atoli's "Mirage of Deceit" Epitaph powers. After this battle, this species of AIDA appears more often, and Helen-type AIDA are the second-most commonly encountered AIDA in Volume 2.

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