"You guys are in the wrong place at the right time, heh heh heh."
— Hayato —

Hayato (隼人) is one of the four hackers who were responsible for the problems in The World during the Legend of the Twilight anime.



Hayato appears as a boy with spiky red hair. His character is dressed in yellow armor, and his face is decorated with wave symbols. The large spear he carries on his back identifies him as a Long Arm.


Despite his childish appearance, Hayato is actually a very skilled hacker. He has the ability to create and control powerful Data Bugs, and is also skilled at creating disguises. However he can still act like a kid and displays several childish traits, like being afraid of girls. Out of all of the hackers he is the least ruthless, and occasionally questions his actions. Along with the other hackers he has made contact with the Wandering A.I. Morti.



Hayato's player.

Basic Info

In the real world Hayato is a young boy. After a young girl in his class died he began using The World to explore the concept of death, along with his friends Michi, Daisuke, and Katsuyuki.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (anime)

After realizing that Shugo posed a threat to their plans, the hackers decided to delete him for good. After the successful capture of Rena Hayato created a Data Bug and placed it into a copy of her PC Body. He tried to use this fake Rena to lure Shugo and his party into a trap but was unsuccessful. Later he was sent to investigate some disturbances in the field where the coma victims were being stored. Entering the area he found that Rena had been awakened by Aura and was able to alert his friends in time to keep her from doing too much damage.

When Shugo and the Cobalt Knights attacked the hackers' base in Naval Monte Hayato fought against them using his Data Bugs. When Michi summoned her friend, the Wandering A.I. Morti Hayato expected an easy victory. However to his surprise Morti turned on him and placed him into a coma along with the Knights.


  • Unlike Katsuyuki and Daisuke, Hayato is actually refered to by name in the series.
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