"I have a friend that I haven't seen in a long time. We used to play with each other all the time, but lately he hasn't logged in."
— Haru —

Haru (はる) is a female Blademaster and a close friend of Kazu inside of The World.



Haru is a short Blademaster with dark brown hair in twin tails. Kazu describes her as being clad in pale blue armor and wielding an immense sword disproportionately large compared to her body.


Haru is a very polite player with a somewhat low self-esteem, often believing that she's a burden to others.


Basic Info

Offline Haru is a girl named Chiharu, like Kazu she also has an older sister on her school's tennis team.


.hack//Another Birth

Akira Hayami learns about Haru by reading Fumikazu's "Diary of The World." Kazu and his friend Shinya ran into the half-dead Haru while exploring a field. They healed her before exploring the rest of the area. Kazu ran into her again while soloing a dungeon. Since both of them were too weak to complete it themselves they teamed up and explored the dungeon together. During that time, they became friends when they learned that they were very similar.

BlackRose ran into Haru after being asked to rescue her by Coo, Nei, and Kira, an adventuring party that saw Haru being chased by a monster. BlackRose found her in the dungeon and escorted her to that dungeon's Gott Statue where Haru received a common headgear armor. Haru told BlackRose that she'd gone to the dungeon to find a rare staff for Kazu, but the poster on the BBS apparently lied. After exploring the dungeon BlackRose left, but not before promising to group with her again.

Haru later invites BlackRose to form a party to help Terajima Ryoko because she felt Kazu would have wanted to help her. While in the dungeon, Haru begins to suspect that BlackRose may be Kazu's sister, but she loses the chance to investigate further when the two learn that Terajima Ryoko had already left the dungeon with someone else.

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