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Harald's Rooms (ハロルドの部屋, Harorudo no Heya) are mysterious rooms hidden within The World, presumably dating back to the time of Fragment. Although their true purpose is never explicitly given, .hack//analysis suggests that they are a "cradle" Harald created for Aura, and the tend to contain many out-of-place, real-world objects. During the events of the .hack Games, players were temporarily able to enter Harald's Rooms through affected dungeons, though they were also reachable via Tsukasa's teleportation power, and possibly other routes. It is unknown whether or not Morganna's lair from .hack//SIGN is also one of Harald's rooms. Kite's party found some of Harald's notes and fragments of the Epitaph of Twilight within the rooms.

One of Harald's Rooms, The Creator's Room, returns as a Lost Ground in The World R:2.

Harald's Rooms

Below is a gallery of known Harald's rooms and where they were found.

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