"I'll content myself with supporting you in my own way, from a distance."
— Hagiya —

Hagiya (萩谷 -) is a character in .hack//Another Birth. He attends the same high school as Akira Hayami and he appears to be very fond of her. Hagiya makes several awkward attempts to get to know Akira, but due to his shyness, he finds it difficult to express his feelings. Hagiya is aided by Akira's friend Shouko, who tries to persuade Akira to give Hagiya a chance. He used to play The World, and he knows a lot about the Epitaph of the Twilight. He is also a member of the Light Music Club.

By chance, Hagiya sees Yuuko Asaoka with the Epitaph materials she received from Akira Hayami and persuades her to let him help Hayami. Both Hagiya and Asaoka show great insight and, with their combined knowledge of the Epitaph as well as Harald Hoerwick and Emma Wielant, greatly help Hayami make sense out of the Epitaph fragments she collects in The World.

Although he is persistent in his pursuit of Akira Hayami's affections, he is eventually turned down when Akira claims she's "just not interested" and refuses to accept his Christmas present to her.

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