"It's kind of a weird event..."

The Guild Master Certification Event is a special event in The World R:2 available exclusively to new Guildmasters. In it, the new Guildmaster has to perform several tasks for his or her guild's Grunty. Doing so unlocks all of the features of that Guild's @HOME. The event is different for each Guildmaster, so its hard to predict exactly what it will entail. However most events involve the Guildmaster cooperating with his or her guildmates to complete the tasks.



After becoming the new Guildmaster of Canard, Haseo was forced to complete the Guildmaster Certification Event by Canard's new mascot Death Grunty. Haseo's first task was to venture into Mac Anu and find Death Grunty's friends Melo Grunty, Gao Grunty, and Wise Grunty. Each Grunty held one of the three treasures of the Grunty race: Grunty's Hat, Grunty's Shoe, and Grunty's Brush. It was Haseo's job to retrieve all three and bring them back to Death Grunty.

After successfully finding the three Grunties and obtaining the treasures Death Grunty gave him his second task. This time he had to sell an item using Canard's Guildshop. After giving the item to Gaspard, Haseo waited outside the shop, where the item was eventually bought by Bo. Having sold the item, Haseo was able to finish the quest. Unlocking Canard's Alchemy Bench and gaining access to the Steam Bike.