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A sick Grunty with Grunty Food.

Grunties are pig-like creatures that players of The World can raise in Root Towns as virtual pets. A kind of NPC, most Grunties can speak. Their backstory, appearance, and uses are dramatically different between the two different versions of The World.

Grunties in The World

In The World, Grunties are used as a method of transportation across fields, useful for avoiding avoiding Magic Portals. According to the mythology of The World, Grunties are the messengers of the great god Hebiguso, and the inhabitants of The World care for them in order to gain his favor. Players start out with a Baby Grunty, and by finding and feeding them various kinds of Grunty Food, the player can raise them into Grunties of certain types, with their own distinct personality and abilities, and an inventory of items to trade. Which types are available depends on the server. While Grunties weren't allowed to leave their home server during the .hack//Games, it seems this restriction was lifted later on, as Hotaru and Komiyan III were both able to bring their Grunties with them when they changed servers during .hack//Legend of the Twilight. The following is a list of Grunties found in The World.

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A Grunty ruling the lands with mercy, in The World's past.

Grunties in The World R:2

"Grunties are famous for their triangular hats and their distinctive speech. They were cursed by Sol, the God of Creation and were turned into Puchi Pongo and became beasts of burden for humans. However, they assumed their original form when humans defeated the gods. They are often entrusted to managerial positions of important facilities and secretaries to VIPs due to their peaceful nature and excellent communication abilities."
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In The World R:2, Grunties are kept as pets, and act as guild mascots and "greeters" to people visiting foreign guilds. Grunties retain the same basic appearance as in the previous rendition of The World, but they are shorter, thinner, and stand on two legs. They manage guild @HOMEs and take on the appearance and personality of the guildmaster. An exception is Mecha Grunty, who is found deserted in areas and can be saved by players willing to power it up with Chim Spheres. The three Grunty Regalia are event items in The World R:2, used in Haseo's quest to become a guildmaster. They consist of the Grunty Hat (obtained from Gao Grunty), the Grunty Shoes (obtained from Melo Grunty), and the Grunty Brush (obtained from Wise Grunty). They are a parody of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. The following are the Grunties seen in The World R:2.

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Omega Server


  • Although the English name for them has remained constant, the Japanese name of Grunties was originally "Puchiguso" in R:1, and became "Grunty" in R:2.
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