Grunties (Japanese name: Puchiguso) are pig-like creatures that players have the ability to raise in Root Towns. Grunties are used as transportation across fields, finding Grunty Food and also avoiding Magic Portals. While Grunties weren't allowed to leave their Home Server during .hack//Games, it seems this restriction was lifted later on, as Hotaru and Komiyan III were both able to bring their Grunties with them when they changed servers.

The World Grunties

According to the mythology of The World, Grunties are the messengers of the great god Hebiguso, and the inhabitants of The World care for them in order to gain his favor.

Every Server

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Theta Server Grunties

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Lambda Server Grunties

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Omega Server Grunties

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The World R:2 Grunties

In The World R:2, most Grunties manage guild @Homes and take on the appearance and personality of the guildmaster. An exception is Mecha Grunty, who is found deserted on fields and can be saved by players willing to power it up with Chim-spheres.

Grunty Regalia

The three Grunty Regalia are event items in The World R:2, used in Haseo's quest to become a guildmaster. They consist of the Grunty Hat (obtained from Gao-rundy), the Grunty Shoes (obtained from Mellow-rundy), and the Grunty Brush (obtained from Whiz-rundy). They are a parody of the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

List of Grunties in The World R:2

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Other Notable Grunties

  • Hotaru's Grunty: In Legend of the Twilight, Hotaru found a sick Baby Grunty that had been abandoned by its owner. With Shugo's help she was able to nurse it back to health. It eventually grew into a powerful Warrior Grunty, growing angelic wings in the anime and devil-like ones in the manga.