"In the dungeon's deepest level, there's a Gott Statue that usually holds a rare item. Basically, the goal is to reach this statue."
— Orca —

The Gott Statue (神像, Shinzō, lit. "Divine Statue") holds the ultimate treasure chest of each Dungeon of The World, and is found on the last floor. The Gott Statues are usually statues of the gods from The World's mythology, but in in certain events they may take other forms, such as the Zeit Statue. In front of these statues are treasure chests holding rare items. Typically, these items are usually a piece of equipment and two valuables (items that cannot be used but have high trading and selling value). There is a protective ring surrounding a levitating Gott Statue in the statue room. When a player opens the chest in front of it, the ring disappears, and the statue falls.

Some Gott Statue Chests in special areas contain more unique items (usually with only a certain probability), such as valuables required in specific trades, or books, which are used to increase a character's parameters.