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"Strong hunter, I ask you. What is it to live? What is it to die? Tell me with your sword! Answer my questions!"
— Goriki —

Goriki (ゴーリキ) is a Chaotic PK with the title Immortal Goriki.




Unlike the majority of other Chaotic PKs see in .hack//GU, Goriki doesn't appear to take any sadistic pleasure in harming other players. When first encountered as a field event, he asks Haseo, "Hunter. How do you live? How do you die? Answer me with your sword." During the Chaotic PK trials events, he asks Haseo what 'strength' is, when Haseo strikes the Chaotic PK down, the PKK replies that Goriki's question isn't the sort of thing you can expect a simple answer for. Goriki seems amused by this revelation as his PC fades.


Basic Info

Takenori Omaeda (小前田武典) is a seventeen-year-old male high school student living in Yamanashi Prefecture.



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One of the Chaotic PKs, the Top ranked in Vol 1 and 2


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