Character Profile
Name Gondo
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Berserker
Guild Crusade
First Appearance Beyond the World
Name Tanaka Kakeru
Age 14 - 15
Gender Male

Gondo (ゴンドー) is a skilled player in The World FORCE:ERA and becomes involved in several mama-related incidents.



Gondo is a Berserker. He looks very similar to the Blademaster Orca of the .hackers. The only differences are the patterns on his body and his armor, which seems to be heavier and more elaborate. Tanaka says Gondo's name comes from gondokujira (big head whale), the Japanese name for the pilot whale.



Basic Info

.Hack//Beyond The World

Kakeru Tanaka(田中翔) is a very serious person and prefers playing in a secluded spot under a tree near a riverbank because he hates going home whenever his parents are around. Tanaka is responsible for introducing Sora to The World. Tanaka becomes a Lost One, but later it is discovered that he possesses abilities unique among players of Versus The World. He was able to resist being Real digitalized by the game, exhibiting powers somewhat opposite to a Doubleware, while displaying the same crest. When the chip containing Aura is lost in America, Tanaka has dreams that lead him to it. The full extent of his inherent abilities are unknown.


Beyond the World (manga)

Tanaka used to live in Tokyo.

.hack//Beyond The World

Gondo is Balder's closest ally in The World and bestfriend outside the game. He accompanies Sora during some of her missions to gain experience. Tanaka feels he is more liberated when he plays as Gondo because he can say what he feels whenever he's in the game. An incident occurs where Sora mistakes Tanaka's PC as Balder and thinks that it is he who admits his love for her online, prompting her to confront him offline. During the course of the story, Tanaka falls victim to the Virus Bug and becomes unconscious in the real world. Sora sets out to destroy the Virus Bug by returning to Aura the seed she gave her so that she could counter the threat using the experience she gained.


A year after .hack: Beyond the World, Tanaka begins playing Versus The World, only to uncover another mama plot. He joins forces with the hacker 9 and is able to undo the real digitalization performed on beta testers of the game.

Thanatos Report

After some time of having a recurring dream, Tanaka decides to go to Yosmite Valley, California, in order to discover what is happening to him. Upon descovering the chip with Aura inside, a Doubleware-like symbol appears on his eyes.