The World and The World R:2 both have numerous deities as part of their setting. Some are part of the storyline, while others play a more direct role and can be summoned by players in combat.

The World

The World has six elemental deities, each of which are associated with one of the six elements used in gameplay. Gott Statues of each deity can be found in dungeons of their corresponding element. The gods themselves can also be summoned by high-level Wavemasters or by using rare scrolls, dealing large amounts of elemental damage in combat. In addition to these six, the great god Hebiguso is also known to exist. Many statues and monsters bear his image, and humans are said to raise his animals, the Grunties (or "Puchiguso"), as a way of worshipping him.


The Elemental Spirits of "The World".

Known Gods in The World

  • Wryneck, the Spirit of Darkness
  • Yarthkins, the Spirit of Earth
  • Vulcan, the Spirit of Fire
  • Lanceor, the Spirit of Thunder
  • Merrows, the Spirit of Water
  • Krake, the Spirit of Wood
  • Hebiguso, the Cross-legged God

The World R:2


Sol the God of Creation and his brother Cernunnos the God of Death.

"The gods and goddesses created and ruled the world long ago. Most were slain in past wars. Only two of them have been confirmed to exist this day."
The World R:2 Official Site —

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With the introduction of The World R:2, CC Corp created an new backstory, set 1000 years after The World. Many new gods and goddesses were added to the Pantheon. The six elemental gods are still present, but Hebiguso is now absent.

Known Gods in The World R:2

  • Anu, the Goddess of Stars - The City of Mac Anu is named after this Goddess.

Mankind's salvation -- The Goddess Aurora.

  • Aurora, the Goddess of Light - Aurora was captured by the mortal races during the War against the Gods. They sealed her into a statue located in the Hulle Granz Cathedral and used her divine power as a fuel for the Crest Gun. Aurora is CC Corps way of covering up the existence of Aura.

  • Cernunnos, the God of Death - Cernunnos was defeated by his older brother Sol, the God of Creation and was sealed in the Kingdom of the Dead. Refusing to recognize his own death, Cernunnos appealed to his brother seven times to be brought back to the land of the living, but was denied all seven times. Furious, he led his army of the dead against Airceltrai, the City of Dawn in order to force Sol to return his soul back into his body, but when he tried to cross the lake of the Dead World of Indieglut Lugh, the root of the giant white tree, Hladgud, came down and blocked him. Cernunnos was forced to return to the Kingdom of the Dead. It is said that Cernunnos still plans to return to the land of the living and rule over it. The monsters in the world are said to be his pawns.


A statue of Folset

  • Folset, the God of Judgement - Folset guards the Morrigu Barrow Wall that blocks the Heavenly Path. It is said only those who are worthy can open these gates and enter the land of the gods, the City of Dawn Airceltrai. The Beast Statues scattered throughout Delta Server are all of Folset.


The Goddess Myulin.

  • Myulin, the Goddess of Harvest - The first Goddess created by Sol, she became his partner and helped him create the world by naming all of the creatures within it. Later, she would curse the Elves and transform them into Humans.

  • Sol, the God of Creation - Eons ago Sol accidentally killed his brother Cernunnos during a quarrel. His lamentations of grief were what created the world. Eventually Sol would go on to create all of the other Gods and Goddesses, as well as the mortal races.

  • Taranis, the God of the Sun

  • Eir, the Goddess of Tranquility - The Harvest Cleric class is said to fight in her name.


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