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.hack//GnU is a sidestory of .hack//G.U. featured in .hack//G.U. The World about regular players in The World R:2. It features new characters who are members of the Moon Tree guild. The title is pronounced "Gu Nyuu."


Raid, a newbie Edge Punisher in The World R:2 decides to sell all of his gear and items in order to buy a rare sword. Unfortunately the sword draws the attention of a group of PKers who decide to kill him and steal the sword for themselves. Dead, naked, and penniless it seems that it's all over for Raid, when he is suddenly saved by a group of players from the Seventh Division of the guild Moon Tree. Raid's adventures with these players compose most of GnU's story.



  • 1. Tree in the moon
  • 2. Adventure
  • 3. The world
  • 4. Edge
  • 5. Recurrence
  • 6. End


  • PKing is possible in Root Towns
  • Players can equip weapons that are a higher level than they are
  • The arena can be destroyed