Girl in White is a promo card found in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and Strategies

Girl in White is one of the most useful cards in the game due to the fact that it requies no cost to play, strengthens your defenses, and, unlike other cards, isn't wasted when drawn for destiny. In order to maximize its effect, try using an effect that brings Girl in White back to the top of your deck right before a battle, thus ensuring that it will be drawn for destiny.

Obviously, Girl in White should not be used if there are no items in the discard pile.

This card was available at the DGMA Premier Series Qualifier 2004.


  • This card is an Illegal-class card despite the fact that Aura herself is not an illegal program. However, at the start of the twilight incident CC Corp was not aware of Aura's true nature and would have classified her as such.

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