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"...You, who do you think you are? An idiot trying to become the hero? Or are you a groupie that wants to PK with me?"
— Genjyo —

Genjyo (玄浄) is a Chaotic PK with the title Genjyo the Fatal.



Genjyo is dressed in mostly neutral tones such as browns grays and most brightly, steel blue. He has a blue cape and wears eye patches over both eyes. Due to this being a game, he can still see.


Genjyo is a very quiet but extremely powerful PK that despises groupies and role-players.


Basic Info

Keitarou Ishijima (石島啓太郎) is a twenty-year-old male municipal office worker in Hyogo Prefecture.



.hack//G.U. Games

Genjyo is shown to be level 150 in Sakaki's PK tournament.


  • The steam gun he uses in Redemption is much different than the one in his concept art. It is long with large, bright red spikes going down the barrel.

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