"So you want to obtain my manliness for yourself? *haha*"
— Gao Grunty —

Gao Grunty (ガオ★ランディ) is a Grunty who lives in the Guild Kestrel's @Home. It appears as a Grunty version of Gabi, the Guildmaster of Kestrel. Gao Grunty is obsessed with manliness and often encourages people to try dubious training methods like staring into the sun for hours to increase their strength. It is also fond of sitting in Gabi's throne when he's not around.



Haseo first meets Gao Grunty during the Guild Master Certification Event. In the event, Gao Grunty was one of the Grunties holding one of the three treasures of the Grunty race, which Haseo had to collect. Impressed with Haseo's manliness, Gao Grunty was more than happy to hand over the rare item, Grunty's Hat.



  • Gao is Chinese for 'high', 'tall', 'lofty', or 'elevated', all terms synonymous with its owner, Gabi.