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A book with 160 pages containing bios both in-game and for the real world for many Roots and .hack//GU characters.


  • .hack//Roots Characters (Colored pages, designs, and information)
  • .hack//G.U. Characters (Colored pages, designs, and information)
  • .hack The World (Roots episode guide, characters relationships, keywords related to the series)
  • .hack comics (compilation of short manga colaborations)
    • .hack//G.U. Report
    • .hack//4 Koma "Kite Cheats" 1 and 2
    • G.U. Special Comic: Join
    • G.U. Special Comic: Quest
    • G.U. Special Comic: Left Arm
    • G.U. Special Comic: Joke
    • G.U. Special Comic: Somehow (3 four panel comics centered on Sakubo)