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.hack//GIFT is a single-episode OVA featuring characters from the .hack//Games and .hack//SIGN.


The entire episode of GIFT occurs in The World.


The plot revolves around the characters racing to get to the Twilight Hot Springs first. There is also a little sub plot where they have to figure out who is PKing some of the characters.

Back cover of Japanese DVD case


In Japan, DVDs of GIFT were shipped to fans who bought all four games. GIFT is available in America only as an extra on the fourth Liminality disc.


Role Japanese VA
Tsukasa Mitsuki Saiga
Mimiru Megumi Toyoguchi
Bear Kazuhiro Nakata
BT Akiko Hiramatsu
Subaru Kaori Nazuka
Silver Knight Isshin Chiba
Sora Hiroshi Yanaka
Crim Shinichiro Miki
Aura Maaya Sakamoto
Balmung Nobuyuki Hiyama
BlackRose Masumi Asano
Elk Mitsuki Saiga
Emi ?
Helba Yumi Touma
Kite Sayaka Aida
Mia Minami Takayama
Orca Yasunori Masutani
Piros Masaya Onosaka
Uchiyama Daisuke Uchiyama


  • In GIFT, the characters are all drawn like ridiculous caricatures of themselves, being made up of triangles, squares and circles, and not acting at all like they normally would.
  • This episode is fan made and only available through the .hack//QUARINTINE version of .hack//LIMINALITY, Trismegistis
  • GIFT is non-canon. The episode was created as a way to poke fun at .hack.
  • GIFT is only available in Japanese audio because most of the jokes are something only Japanese people would understand and it would be hard to translate to English.
  • After Balmung finds BTs body, he starts to hum the ending song from the .hack//SIGN television show.
  • Tasogare Onsen translates to "Twilight hot springs"
  • This is considered to be the 29th episode of .hack//SIGN although it has nothing to do with the story line.