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The .hack//G.U. novels retell the tale of an Adept Rogue named Haseo, known infamously as "The Terror of Death", and his hunt for the enigmatic PKer known as Tri-Edge, as the story was originally conceived. The novels present a version of .hack//G.U. similar to what was seen in the prototype trailer. The first volume, The Terror of Death, was released in Japan on April 1, 2007. The second volume, Borderline MMO, was released July 1. The third volume, Harald's Archetype, was released October 1. The final volume, titled 8-Dimensional Thoughts, was released on April 1, 2008. Volume 2 was released in English on February 2, 2010.


The Terror of Death

Borderline MMO

Harald's Archetype

8-Dimensional Thoughts


  • The novel uses the original plan for the games as a basis. Even so, there are changes that make the novels unique. For instance, an edit made to increase playability or cinimatics wouldn't have as much importance, leaving more room for the original story.
  • In the novel the Avatars manifest themselves as weapon, but when an Epitaph User looses control of their emotions under AIDA they can take the form "Phase" such as Avatar Skeith. Based on contextual descriptions, as well as illustrations, these Avatar Weapons seem to have designs based on those of the Lost Weapons.

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