.hack//G.U.+ is a manga that follows an alternate version of the events of the G.U. games, akin to the relationship between the original 4 games and the .hack//XXXX manga. It was first serialized in .hack//G.U. The World, and five volumes have been released in graphic novel form in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten.

The first twelve chapters were serialized in the .hack//G.U. The World magazine and as of April 2007, in Comptiq magazine.


Taking place seven years after the events of .hack//QUARANTINE, G.U.+ follows the player Haseo, a powerful PKKer known as "The Terror of Death". Haseo is obsessed with an infamous PKer known only as "Tri-Edge" who attacked a close friend of his sometime in the past. The manga details Haseo's search for Tri-Edge, and his eventual inclusion in a mysterious group known as "G.U."



Part I

  • 1. Tri-Edge
  • 2. The Lost Ones
  • 3. The Epitaph Users
  • 4. Endrance's Cat
  • 5. An Avatar Awakens
  • 6. Serial Murder
  • 7. Logout Impossible
  • 8. Azure Kite (Original serialization), Limits and Conflicts (Graphic novel)
  • 9. Atoli's World
  • 10. Breakdown
  • 11. AIDA (Original serialization), AINA (Graphic novel)
  • 12. Holy Ground - "Key of the Twilight"

Part II

  • 1. Letter from the Dead
  • 2. Security Section 2
  • 3. Xth Form
  • 4. R.A. Plan
  • 5. Sample
  • 6. False God
  • 7. Cubia
  • 8. Where it Began (Original serialization), Point of Origin (Graphic novel)
  • 10. Omen (Original serialization), The Shadowed One (Graphic novel)
  • 11. Foreboding
  • 12. Marching on the Brink
  • 13. The Visitor
  • 14. Anti-Existence
  • 15. Reunion



  • Tatsuya Hamazaki, the story-writer to G.U.+, also made the storylines of the G.U. Games and G.U. Novels, and both the anime and manga versions of Legend of the Twilight.
  • In G.U.+, Haseo is seen using all three of his (standard) weapons (Twin Blades, Broadsword, Scythe) while in the character design of his first form. Additionally, he appears to retain all his weapon proficiencies after being Data Drained by Azure Kite; the Data Drain should've reverted him to only a Twin Blade.
  • Another change is that the Avatars, instead of being used as a combat vessel for the Epitaph Users, appear as summoned creatures to fight with other Avatars and AIDA.