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This article is about .hack//frägment, the online .hack game. If you are looking for the prototype of The World, Fragment, please see its respective article.

.hack//frägment is an online and offline RPG that uses the engine from the .hack//Games. Players can create a character, form parties, chat in text based lobbies, join Guilds, and adventure in The World. There was no monthly fee to play the game. Originally intended to end November 2006, the online service for .hack//frägment was extended to January 18, 2007 due to popularity.

Character Design

Classes of .hack//frägment

In .hack//frägment's character design menu, players select from one of six class types. Each class offers a predetermined selection of character models (male and female), three body sizes (large, medium, and small), three heights (tall, medium, and short), and six preset color schemes. Players can save up to three characters on one memory card.

Dungeon Creation

Area Server

The player's real world PC can be used to host area servers for playing .hack//frägment. Using the area server program, players can create their own area servers, keywords, and dungeons to share with other players in The World. Area servers are accessed from the Area Server list in the lobby. Up to three players may join a single area server at a time. Area Servers level up as more players complete dungeons on them, allowing players to access more challenging monsters as well as more valuable rewards.


Area Server lobby

A screenshot from the game

Once a player has created a character, they can access the lobby and search for up to two other players to join them on an adventure. The maximum party size in .hack//frägment is three, just like in the original Games. Frägment includes an extended online interface that allows players to chat, send messages, post to the BBS, and read news. The message inbox is restricted to 50 messages, after which old messages are automatically deleted. Players can also create guilds using the "Guild Seal" key item. Guilds have the ability to sell items through a virtual storefront, and allows guild members access to private guild chatrooms and guild mailing lists.


A screenshot from the game

Players may use the same characters between online and offline modes. In offline mode, players may level up, obtain items, and play the offline story mode. Levels gained and items obtained in offline mode transfer to online mode and vice versa. Penalties for quitting the game without saving and death of all members in a party are the same across online and offline modes.


The gameplay in frägment is similar to the original four games with some minor changes to better suit an online format. Players are unable to pause the game. Spells and items may be assigned to shortcut buttons. Monsters give fewer experience points than in previous games. If all members of a party die, players and PCs lose 1000 experience points, equivalent to one level. Futher if a character quits the game without saving, they lose their entire inventory (including equipment and items saved in Elf's Haven). This penalty is to discourage players from attempting to duplicate items


Frägment's offline story takes place an "Another/Parallel World" and is largely a fan service IF Story featuring popular characters from the .hack//Games, .hack//SIGN, and .hack//Legend of the Twilight. Players may form a party with these characters. Playing the offline story mode unlocks Data Drain for players to use online. The offline story does not feature voice acting.

Offline Characters



.hack//Legend of the Twilight


  • The title of the game is a reference to Fragment, the beta version of The World.
  • As with the first four games, there is no Player Killing except when a player's character is confused or charmed by monsters.
  • Players may use any character model from the .hack//Games with the exception of Helba, Mia, Kazu, and a few other minor PCs.
  • Bandai announced at E3 2006 that there would be no U.S. release for frägment.