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Everytime I play OUTBREAK and Redemption it always Got me thinking "Which is stronger: Staccatto or Whirlwind?" My friends told me that Skill Triggers are stronger. Some people I asked said that R:1's Skills are stronger. So I thought of asking you guys the same question. Which is stronger: R:1 Skills or R:2 Skill Triggers. (I'm just asking your opinion, so please no negative comments.) Tepellin 14:32, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Power depends on the stats of the character. And I've no intent on tracking twin blades, til their max level to find out the difference. Much less creating a conversion chart, shivers. Skill triggers are faster and meant as an alternative way of using the skill list in G.U. in addition unlike starting from that skill list, the user becomes invincible to certain attacks. As a game function it also stops or slows the surrounding players to give the user an advantage. It can still be countered with Hangeki. In .hack skills are selected from the skills menu, they cannot slow their surrounding but don't face the creation of a move opening ever time the skill is used, the first revision suffers from a time limit. Based on the model that hits first the game will which skill goes through. If to much damage is taken from a monster, the character is usually interrupted and dies. But that with that situation only. In all truth skill triggers were created as an upgrade the G.U.'s skill list, comparing them the previous revision is an unfair battle in the first place and it was probably made by the same gamers who'd never bother to enter the G.U. skill list in the first place... Riled up, I'd say the trigger if that really is the comparison, but alone and as an individual skill .hack takes the vote for an elemental view. Same one point that should not forgotten is that G.U. has armor breaks, which are created to weaken enemies. But that applies only to creatures capable of being weakened in the first place. Also they have the negative of type advantage. R:2 skills require a certain weapon type to deal an addition weakness. Furthermore, comparing Staccatto to Whirlwind from an R:X use where the skills are actually on the same field Staccatto is capable of dealing more damage because it can create more consecutive hits. Outlaw630 08:45, December 24, 2010 (UTC)
Thank you for the idea Outlaw. Let's see what the others thinks. Tepellin 03:47, December 25, 2010 (UTC)
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