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So you all may or may not know me... Hopefully leaning towards knowing. I am of course OtakuD50, recently-made mod who spends entirely too much time on this wiki. A lot of how the Wiki currently looks is thanks to my hard efforts and constant nagging. I do often make mistakes on the wiki, but I'd rather jump the gun and be corrected than have something not be addressed. I worked with the Aurasuki staff, who scanlated the first 9 chapters of the Link manga, plus two bonus chapters. As a result, I've gotten acquainted with the series and have gotten pretty attached to Tokio. My Natsume fanboyism is well-documented, so I'll just say one thing here that you may not know: I play a Natsume character on Guild Wars. I've been into .hack since catching SIGN episode 2 on Toonami, but my obsession tapered off with G.U., as it's not as appealing when half of the subfranchise consists of the exact same story told in CONFLICTING ways. Aside from Natsume, I am a staunch supporter of HaseoxAlkaid, TokioxKlarinette, and HotaruxBeingAGirl. On the wiki I cycle between being extremely motivated/driven to get things done and being too lazy to do anything. I may not be the translator, the graphics guy, or the overlord, but I AM a decent writer and editor, and I'm not afraid of wikicode, so I guess I'm your guy for... those things...--OtakuD50 10:52, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

Gentlemen, I am cruncher3019. I know Otaku and Kula guy from other places, but I was introduced to the wiki just through playing the games. I originally got caught up in the dot hack series by catching SIGN on YTV (That's Canadian for you Americunts). Upon finding about and then beating IMOQ I moved on to the official dot hack forums to learn more about it. That's where I not only found out about GU, but also met certain members of the wiki, such as Yuki, or Kula. Kula introduced me to people like Otaku or SSX and I've been around for a good couple years. I don't do much wiki editing, because honestly, I'm lazy and don't give a fuck, but I sure as hell love trollan and flamin' idiot kids. (That's mostly the reason I'm still on the official dot hack forums). cruncher3019 17:54, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

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