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So you all may or may not know me... Hopefully leaning towards knowing. I am of course OtakuD50, recently-made mod who spends entirely too much time on this wiki. A lot of how the Wiki currently looks is thanks to my hard efforts and constant nagging. I do often make mistakes on the wiki, but I'd rather jump the gun and be corrected than have something not be addressed. I worked with the Aurasuki staff, who scanlated the first 9 chapters of the Link manga, plus two bonus chapters. As a result, I've gotten acquainted with the series and have gotten pretty attached to Tokio. My Natsume fanboyism is well-documented, so I'll just say one thing here that you may not know: I play a Natsume character on Guild Wars. I've been into .hack since catching SIGN episode 2 on Toonami, but my obsession tapered off with G.U., as it's not as appealing when half of the subfranchise consists of the exact same story told in CONFLICTING ways. Aside from Natsume, I am a staunch supporter of HaseoxAlkaid, TokioxKlarinette, and HotaruxBeingAGirl. On the wiki I cycle between being extremely motivated/driven to get things done and being too lazy to do anything. I may not be the translator, the graphics guy, or the overlord, but I AM a decent writer and editor, and I'm not afraid of wikicode, so I guess I'm your guy for... those things...--OtakuD50 10:52, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

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