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For the random quote generator.

  1. "Can it have this quote: "Yeah, I am pretty sweet." ~Alkaid?" A) Post the quote in the "requests" section and we'll add it if we don't already have it.
  2. "You mispelled "sweet"/You're quote is entirely wrong, you discrace to .hack!" A) See the "typo" section. Be aware, there are some quotes that don't contain errors, but are merely poking fun at the .hack//Universe or at the speaker.
  3. "Can my personal quote be in there?" A) Only if it was said by a .hack character. No User quotes. Those are purely for your userpage.
  4. "I'll save you guys some time and edit these quotes of mine in myself." A) Oh, no you don't! follow the rules. Request at the "request" section and report typos at the "typo" section. A speciallized user will varify it, make sure we don't already have it, or find out if the typo is really a folly, or if it's just fun.


Request here. for every request, say:

  1. the quote itself (exp:"Welcome to "The World"")
  2. the speaker (exp: Ovan)
  3. when and where it's found (exp: episode 1 of Roots, near the begining) this will help varify your claim.

!!!Request here!!!


Report typos/errors here. Keep in mind, there are some harmless jokes sprinkled in to the database (exp: "Hello, my name is Bear" ~Bea (Bea being his name in misguided fan translations)) For every report, say:

  1. The quote or at the vary least, the speaker. without these, we won't be able to find it.
  2. point out the error (exp: "You spelled "Alkaid" as "Ali Baba"" or "Alkaid never says that! she says "yeah, I am pretty sweet"")

!!!Report here!!!

Quotes already in the list:

Adults, so selfish. Tsukasa

I need you as much as you need me. As long as we walk together, I will protect you. Morganna Mode Gone

Tsukasa! Let's play red light-green light. Sora

I'm no longer afraid of you, or my father. Tsukasa

This is the Key of the Twilight, right? How are you supposed to use it? Sora

Meeting someone is God's doing, but parting is what humans do themselves. Subaru

I want to be born. To live. That is all I want. Aura

We cannot allow irregularities such as Vagrant AIs to enter the system! Kaumi

I want to restore this world, but I fear I can't do it alone. Perhaps you could give me a hand? Balmung

This shindig looks like the bomb-diggity. Balmung

I wouldn't have made it this far without you. What am I to do when you start doubting yourself? BlackRose

When the Bracelet appeared in the world, Cubia was born as well. The Bracelet and Cubia are opposite sides of the same coin. Therefore... if you defeat Cubia, the Bracelet will be destroyed. Aura

We are not twiddling our thumbs, I assure you. Lios

The real fake or the fake real? Which is real? Culhwch

Our dreams are very real. Dorin

I saw a player in the shape of a cat! Is it really possible to edit like that? Edajima

I’m not very good at telling people how I feel… and I'm always worried about how other people perceived me… I didn’t like that, and wanted to change and came to “The World”, but I was unable to change. Elk

I'm the silent type and usually don't have much to say, but it's strange... for some reason, I seem to talk a lot more when you are around. Gardinia

There's an order that The World desires, then there's the order that you desire. Which one should it take, Balmung? Helba

I have enough light. Water! Give me water! Jinn

I have a feeling that the key to it is somewhere in... The World. Kite

I will delete you now... Lios

People keep thinking that I'm a monster and attack me... Not that I don't blame them... Marlo

Humans are very interesting, aren't they? Mia

It was the same with me. Many of my fondest memories are of playing that game. Mistral

The power it holds can bring either salvation or destruction at the whim of the user. Aura

It's only a virtual world, I realize, but thoughts turn into reality, so the world I abandoned by resetting might have remained engulfed by evil. Bear

It's a bug from a computer virus... it has an HP that is, infinite. Balmung

I must become...stronger. Moonstone

The higher up it is dropped, the worse the crash will be. Hope is the best spice to bring out despair. Morganna Mode Gone

Am I useful? I feel like I'm just in the way of things... Natsume

Oh, are you sure? But I can't give you anything in return. Well... except maybe myself. Natsume

Tis an actor's job to perform, even with just one audience member. Nuke Usagimaru

Hey, in this game I'm known as Orca! Regardless of what I am in reality. I'm pretty well known here. Orca

Riding the Wave is Skeith, the Shadow of Death, to drown all that stands. Epitaph of Twilight

Mirage of Deceit, Innis, Betray all with the flawed image, and did aid the Wave. Epitaph of Twilight

And by the Power of Magus, a drop from the Wave doth reach the heavens, and creates a new Wave. Epitaph of Twilight

With the Wave, Fidchell, the power to tell the dark future, hope darkens, sadness and despair rule. Epitaph of Twilight

All will be flayed alive by my electric fury. Fidchell

All will burn by the fires of hell. Fidchell

All will freeze by the biting chills of my wrath. Fidchell

All will tremble under my terrible will. Fidchell

Like a frenzied horse that is driven. An unseen wind of plague shrieks across the border. Pandemonium, wailing, and stench of carnage fills the air. There is no place to run. No hope of escape. Those who are mourned will never return. The hands of time cannot be turned back. Fidchell

Gorre schemes when swallowed by the Cursed Wave. Epitaph of Twilight

You know they really tick me off, yes, Well shall we do it then? Gorre

No! I can't! I can't! I can't! Why Me? How? Gorre

Macha seduces with the sweet trap. Epitaph of Twilight

Wave reaches the Pinnacle, and escape none can. Tarvos still remains with more cruelty to punish and destroy. Epitaph of Twilight

And with the turbulent destruction after the Wave. Only a void remains. From deep within the void arrives Corbenik. Epitaph of Twilight

May the stars shine upon you until the end of your journey! Piros

Hahaha! So you've foolishly come, Tri-Edge! At long last, we meet again! Help yourself to a taste of my rope! The Magnificent Eagle Man of Blue Cloudy Weather, Piros the 3rd!

I have no name to give to scoundrels! Like a wild eagle with broken wings, Piros the 3rd, 'The Magnificent Eagle Man of Blue Cloudy Weather' is here!! "A wild eagle with broken wings", Piros the 3rd!

Hahaha! Very nice. I see that you've fallen straight into my trap, Tri-Edge! The Dull, Swift Doberman, Piros the 3rd!

You pathetic human beings are not worthy enough to know what my name is! Slow Doberman; Piros the 3rd!!! The Slow Doberman, Piros the 3rd!

At your service! Tada!!! "A demon feuled by the fires of revenge", Piros the 3rd!

I guess I'll logout and cheak my email or something... Haseo

I don't know, I don't know! Plaird

If everyone ain't satisfied, you can't consider yourself pro! Rachel

Thaaaat's lousy. New Creatures: Mr. Usagimaru and Rei-chan

Doting on it only when it's healthy... but throwing it away because circumstances are bad. Do you think someone like that is qualified to call themselves master? Sanjuro

I don't know! I don't know! I really really don't know! Skonk

Sorry, did I wake you up? Sheraton

Before seeking help from others, you must come up with an answer yourself. Spiritas

The Epitaph of Twilight. To sum it up in a nut shell, it is a tale. Tartarga

Because of you, I no longer get lost. Terajima Ryoko

We call it paradise. Thea

Welcome to Paradise. Helba

Humans have physical limits, but the AI has no limits to growth. I want to know where it will lead. I want to see what lies there. Harald Hoerwick

As I'm sure you are aware... ...Trading is about give and take. This goes for information, as well. Wiseman

Then maybe I'll ask the goddess if she would have mercy on me and cure me! Aina

And just so you know. I'm persistent and I never give up!! Alkaid

Silabus, you dummy! Nanase

Yeah I am pretty sweet. Alkaid

Are you alright, little lady? Kuhn

Go on kid and come back with a smile in your face. Antares

You shouldn't forget about things like gratitude, or consideration, just because we're inside of a game. Atoli

Become stronger so you can save Shino. Ovan, through Atoli

If you desire to know the truth, you must also have the courage to accept it. Ryo Sakuma's Annwn

Yes, and our reward... is you. Ast

... Azure Balmung

... Azure Orca

Hey, lemme apologize. Just take it easy, calm down, and.... DIE! Bordeaux

Just look at them folks! Ready to rip the opponent in half! How will this fight end? The Commentator

Why do all my guests treat me this way?! The Commentator

To love someone... It is not to shut one's eyes to the other, nor to block one's ears to the truth... To love one another... Is to walk through life together... Open your eyes, open your ears... Look at each other... and together seek the best path for the both of you. Endrance

Mia. My cat. My only friend. Elk

They killed her! They killed my Mia! Elk

This too, is the way of 'The World!' Gabi

I'm Gabi!!! Enough Said.

A girl's gotta have her secrets too! Gabi

This isn't "The World" I know! I hate it! Gaspard

Thank you... Grein

... Grein

There's only one thing real about this world and that's us! The players! Getting stronger and defeating others! That's the way this game is played! Haseo

Help me, please. Someone help me, please... Hetero

I really love nice guys, you know... But, of course, you should be careful! See, if you're too nice... It could be bad for your health!! Hiiragi

I'll kick your ass! Hiiragi

Face it. An idiot like you isn't qualified to play this game. IYOTEN

To love is to walk together, and in walking together to seek the best path. Kaede

Come on! Smile! Smiling makes the world go around! Kuhn

Come on, just give me a reason to kick your ass! Matsu

Let's just say I'm somebody with the same goals as you, Master Haseo. Nala

Ohh I want that Tri-Edge. Natsume

What is PKing? It's culture! What is PKing? It's interaction! Negimaru

Get stronger. Consume all your happiness and sadness, and use that as your stepping stone. Ovan

Be careful, there's a dangerous power hidden inside of you. Pi

'Today is the same as yesterday. Tomorrow is the same as today.' Did you think that would last forever? Phyllo

Therefore, those who wish for happiness must have a dream. That is why dreams are as important as the entire universe. Piros the 3rd

Once we rule the online world with AIDA, the real world will be as good as mine!! My rule will spread quickly across the real world, eventually allowing me to control people's very hearts! Then, I will be able to create a new world where no one fights, and where no one is ever oppressed by another. Sakaki

Did you know guys that are losers offline are big losers online too? Saku

Just... just shut up and accept my goodwill! :) Bo

There is no such thing as a voice that cannot reach someone. Shino

Making people happy makes you happy too! Silabus

If you wish for glory... be strong! Sirius

This is my message... nose to the grindstone! Sophora

I... I want to help Shino! And Haseo! Tabby

After seeing the horror he faces myself, I have nothing but respect for him. Taihaku, about Haseo

They say players that get killed by him never come back to the game. Haseo, abou Tri-Edge

Do you know Tri-Edge? Haseo

Who are you? So, are you a hacker? An Epitaph User? What are you, an AIDA?! Haseo, to Azure Kite

...S%^&er Azure Kite

I've waited a long time, for you to come. Yata

So... are you satisfied now? Zelkova

Names are just symbols. Like Kyo and Kyoko Tohno and Sieg and Tomonari Kasumi. Though they are different, they all stand for the same thing. Ichiro Sato

It's not a fantasy and you know it... Junichiro Tokuoka

If their anxiety and fear pass the breaking point, mass panic will erupt. Kaoru Asaba

They say strange things always happen if you delve deeply into the Epitaph of Twilight. Kyoko Tohno

The World is not just a game. Mai Minase

It's impossible for someone to go into a coma over a silly game. Masaya Makino

Balmung of the Azure Sky, Orca of the Azure Sea, I will not lose to you! Sieg

It's like the world has ended. What happened to make it this way? Yuki Aihara

Samba! Samba! Salvador Aihara

I don't need to explain myself! Taichiro Sugai

For the sake of my students, I'm going to report the truth. Michiru Tajima

Sa... Ka... Ki... Osamu Kawaguchi

Of the people involved in Project G.U., there was one man on the team who was absolutely invaluable, Jyotaro Amagi. Jun Bansyoya

My name is Jun Bansyoya. I wrote this journal. Jun Bansyoya, the writer of that journal

That's it. Sumi sumi. Emi

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. 'I see' said the blind man. Uchiyama

I'm looking for people to go with me, but when they find out where I want to go, they won't come. A-20

I fear now that avoiding conflict is not just a matter of turning off your terminal. Bear

I don't suck up to people. No matter how many idiots you bring together, they're still idiots. BT

But I've been playing Kaochin for a long time now, I hate it when people say I copied the look! Kaochin

Stay away from Tsukasa. Macha

I'm not alone... but I'm not part of a party either. Mimika

The net is the same as the real world! There are certain rules you have to observe when dealing with people! Mimiru

As a Knight I faithfully served Justice. But now... what am I to do now!? Lady Subaru!! Salu

Those who stand above others must have noble ideals along with the most noble intentions. Anyone that cannot manage the will of the masses is not fit to serve as the leader of knights. You say you're punishing someone for standing up to you? That kind of justice is a lie. Silver Knight

Lady Subaru! Silver Knight

First I'll get the treasure chest, and then I'll get you, and then I'll get them all! Sora

There is a path in the direction you desire - I'm sure. Subaru

You don't need to pay attention to a player talking to himself. Subaru AI

The World and all of its wonders; this is my world, you see. Tsukasa

Oh come on, no fair! That's cheating! Daisuke

You guys are in the wrong place at the right time, heh heh heh. Hayato

I do not want anything to happen that will make this a sad place! Hotaru

I was given this spear to protect The World and that's just what I'm going to do! Kamui

The easier the better, that's what I say. Luke

Prince of Imperia, Defender of Truth, Knight of the Rose! But you can just call me "Your Majesty. Komiyan III

Shi shi shi! Komiyan III

Shi shi shi! Oscar


Even if it kills me... I will not let you interfere with my mistress. Magi

The Rare Hunter of Love and Courage, Mireille is here! Mireille

With transcendence, comes understanding. I wish to understand death, that is my only goal. Morti

Wolves... do not obey you 'dogs'. Ouka

But... after all is said and done... I guess that makes me the bigger fool for following him. Reki

A hero is someone who will risk everything to protect what he loves!! Rena

The World doesn't need an ending. Shugo

Could it be... you know of Aura? AI Harald

When the Twilight Eye doth open, so too shall the path to me. Discourse with me and against that power fight. When the key that overturns all is possessed everything shall unfold. AI Harald

Even if you join that Guild, you won't get the answers you seek. Bset

I'd rather study than play a stupid game like this! Cashmere

You're not even worth PKing. Ender

Defeat...Ovan!!! Gord

Next time I'll make sure to get some items you're interested in. Ita

Who... Am I? Midori

Do not fail me, you only get one chance. Naobi

I got the information you wanted but... it may be difficult. Nasubi

What are you doing? ~naru! I'm telling Master on you! ~naru! Nazo Grunty

Hmm, I guess we'll just have to show them the price for defying us. Ochi

Today is the same as yesterday. Tomorrow is the same as today. Did you think that would last forever? Phyllo

Stick to your guns...Faith will always win, no matter what. Phyllo, through Tohta

In this state of inflation, what would Tawaraya do? Pilochhio

Well, I guess the PC body may be different, but the body's still the same. Saburou

It doesn't matter where you meet them, a friend is still a friend! Sakisaka

Man, how did I get stuck with someone so freakin silly? Sakisaka

I'm not silly! Tabby, the silly little girl

It's not about what you can do, it's what you want to do. Seisaku

I'm perplexed I joined in the first place and I'm suprised I'm still around. A varient of the "Sakisaka Catchphrase"

You... I'll see you again soon... Smile

'Give and Take', the ABCs of business. Tawaraya

What you're selling, will make people dislike the game... Tohta

Because of my failure, my brother is in that kind of situation... it's because of that, that I... Wool

The World may be virtual, but those people are real! Kazu

In The World everyone is blessed. Even you and me. Zefie

Loving Boomerang Hook!! Zefie

Are you going to delete me again? Zefie

If you don't want this character, can I have it? Furufuru

Love! Cat!! Cat LOVE~~!! Infini

Tch, these big guys only drop little stuff Jinrai

Ahh... looks like I'm gonna die again. Raid

This may be The World but balance is still important. Senpuu

I see... that could be a problem... Tenzan

Alkaid may be good, but even I can do something like that! Nanase

As system administrators, we can access The World in ways that a player cannot, but we don't have a complete understanding of it, like a God would. We're not omnipotent. Albireo

The World wouldn't survive if it really had an ending. Brigit

If he said I'm special, I can't deny it! Hokuto

I am an unwanted child. Even God doesn't want me. Lycoris

The painful part is seeing your comrades die, you know? I'm... I'm sensitive to that. MAHO

You're nothing but a collection of atomic particles. Does that make you more special than me? Rin

There are two types of players in The World: those who like it, and those who don't. Eventually, both kinds quit, only those who don't like it quit a lot sooner than those who do. Rumor

But is the existence of Vagrant AIs really harmful to The World? Yukino

I posted the name of that field on the board but... it's dangerous! I'm sorry! Meg

It is arrogant for one to reject change because it is undesirable. Rejection of change is the rejection of possibilities. Harald Hoerick

I almost always get near-death experiences! Chimney

I'll content myself with supporting you in my own way, from a distance. Hagiya

We've gotten too lazy. We should stop harassing her. Igrashi

But even Orca... Take my advice. Forget about the rumor. Linda

I'm sure it's no coincidence that you got picked, when your dad happens to be a teacher. Natori

Don't feel nervous. We just want you to get used to The World quickly so you can enjoy it. NOVA

I'm glad you finally told me something. But it would be nice if I didn't always have to pry information out of you. You could, you know, just tell me sometimes. Risa Hamaoka

If you think we're friends, tell me anything and everything! If you don't tell me, I can't help you! Shouko

So there's some mysterious link between that game and the Epitaph of Twilight. Interesting. Yuuko Asaoka

Midori? Are you alright?! Adamas

I don't want to die! Midori Shinomura

We had come so far, but we knew so little. And now, the true battle was about to begin... Kite

Travelers take this to heart, it is always darkest before the dawn... Harald

Maybe this was a turning point. The relationship between me and the game "The World" had gone beyond pure amusement. And, it was starting to spread beyond the network. Kite

All the waves fade into the distance, and once again we gather together on this anticipated day. Helba

Welcome, to "The World". Ovan

Welcome, to "The World". Shino

Do you wish to finally know the truth? Ovan

What was all that about? Hackers in the Net Slum playing tricks on the members of G.U.

Hey, you look strong. Are you busy? A-20

Don't worry, we'll be fine. A-20

Oh, well then, I'm just gonna quit playing. This game is boring. A-20

Because I want to try.... Isn't that reason enough? A-20

Why are you using that tone of voice, Miss... "High and Mighty?!" A-20

Greetings, I'm Bear. Bea

I like to do that too whenever I'm feeling down. Bear

What are you thinking about in front of your terminal? Bear

This old man doesn't know what's going on anymore. Bear

Well, this old man will be thinking about that for a while, so if you need any help, just call. Bear

I have a feeling you won't find the answer by just chasing after a character on the net. Bear

Do you think our much talked-about Wavemaster got his hands on the Key of the Twilight? BT

What if he's found that hidden item that is said to override the very foundation of "The World?" BT

You act and I analyze. If we combine our skills, we can gather information more quickly than the others. BT

The bell has rung. Now... let the curtain rise. BT

Mister Bear is good at using people. BT

There is no need to deny the existence of something just because you could not find it. BT

I will grant a special spell on you.... It's my phone number. Crim

I wonder what's making her act this way.... Agh... it must be the boards. Yeah, that's it. Crim

It's been too long! At last, I'm back! Crim

Oh, to find the Key of the Twilight.... This is an omen.... Crim

Recognize your weakness, and change it into your strength. Under the current circumstances, you can't protect Subaru. Crim

I didn't think I would regret quitting the Crimson Knights. Crim

I hate what you would call "fads." No matter what anyone says, I personally like this character. Crim

I want to protect you. Mimiru

Who do you think you are?! The net is the same as the real world! Mimiru

I wonder.... I just hope Tsukasa's not in some kind of trouble. Mimiru

I'm just going to forget about it. I'm tired of being twisted around his little finger. It's a waste of time. Mimiru

Why did I ever have to meet him? Mimiru

It's fine with me if I know a guy is irritating. That way, it's easy to just hate his guts and walk away. Mimiru

I've been waiting for you, for such a long time. I need you, just as you need me. Let us walk together. As long as we walk together, I shall protect you. Morganna Mode Gone

Justice without power is incompetence. Power without justice is also incompetence. Silver Knight

It is not easy, to act in the name of justice. Silver Knight

At this rate, we may be able to avoid a panic by saying that it was a bug in the test data for the next version. Silver Knight

As Captain of System Administration Support, I should have communicated better. Silver Knight

We eliminate all characters who break the rules. There are no excuses. Silver Knight

Do not speak of the Crimson Knights lightly. Silver Knight

Orca of the Azure Sea and Balmung of the Azure Sky. If those two are working together, there's nothing for us to worry about. Silver Knight

So lame! Sora

First I'll get the treasure... then I'll get you... and then I'll get them all. Sora

I love it! I want to be his friend! Sora

But that's how I get what I want. Wanna die again? Sora

That's a rude thing to say, considering you invited me. Sora

Oh, so you don't listen to what other people say? That's not nice. Sora

Just kidding. I'd get scolded if I stayed up any later. Sora

I've decided to let you handle it! Sora

And please... try to refrain from going off on your own. This is not a time for heroes. Subaru

We are players here as well. We are merely playing these roles and nothing more. Subaru

Something is about to happen in this game, "The World." Subaru

This may be no longer a problem that we can handle on our own from inside. It is my fear that this is the case. Subaru

If Crim were here with us right now, I wonder what he would do... Subaru

No... that's... difficult. Subaru

I'm attracted to your wandering spirit. Subaru

"The World" and all of its wonders... This is my world, you see. Tsukasa

Leave me alone. Tsukasa

Instead of dwelling on the fact that I can't log out.... Or maybe thinking that I don't have to. It's now clear. After all, now I don't have to return to that ludicrous world. I like it this way. It's not so bad. Tsukasa

What are you up to? Why do you think I'm a girl? And why would that matter? Tsukasa

You should take a bath. Tsukasa

I no longer have to listen to what you have to say. Tsukasa

I like it this way.... It's not so bad. Tsukasa

Y'know... I just don't like you. Tsukasa

It's just that... I wanted to know... are you able to log out? Tsukasa

It hurts. Why? Why...? Tsukasa

I understand now. If I don't want to see something, I just need to open my eyes. And I realize that everything in front of me is part of something important. Like Subaru and Mimiru. Even if seeing it is... very painful. Tsukasa

I'm no longer afraid of you or my father! Tsukasa

You have to understand, Hokuto, sometimes in the course of the game, you encounter Vagrant AIs. These AIs don't operate normally. Therefore, they must be destroyed. Albireo

I am an unwanted child. Even God doesn't want me. Lycoris

That's not true. You do have the power to delete me, Albireo. The power rests in your hands. It rests in your spear. I've revised the data of your spear. You have the final segment. The final piece of me. I have given you my will to reliquish me. I wanted to continue to live in this world, but... But I cannot become Aura. Lycoris

I'm sorry, Lycoris. You are a failure. Morganna, through AI Harald

Morganna Mode Gone is God. Lycoris

You have a gift, Haseo. Ovan

When you talk to someone, look them in their eyes. Shino

I'm just spreading the seeds. Ovan

This game has a particular sort of autonomy. Ovan

An unusable item... The Key of the Twilight? Sakisaka

She's lying, right? My master is... my master, right? Tabby

We are just facing an unavoidable situation. Ovan

The path to the Key of the Twilight... has opened! Ovan

They are not the kind of people who lose faith easily. Ovan

Because you are... Ovan's future. Shino

Sign. That's what I've named it. Tawaraya

From this day, the Twilight Brigade is disbanded. Shino

The key of the Twilight does not exist. Shino

If I'm gone... take care of Haseo. Shino

The Shino in real life... is lying on a hospital bed. Haseo

That is why... I must find Tri-Edge! Haseo

I guess it's not just an area you go to for fun. Phyllo, in referance to the Forest of Pain

Tell me... How is my daughter? AI Harald

Where is Tri-Edge? Haseo

I think I can drive away your loneliness. Seisaku

My words will not reach him anymore. Phyllo

Betrayal is a sin, but... Ovan

I'm not going to hesitate anymore! Haseo

That's why I'm here. Haseo

Alright... Come on, come on...! I'm right here!! SKEEEIIIITH!!!! Haseo

"The Terror of Death".... It's Haseo! The PKK! AAAHHH!!! Negimaru

So, you think you can go up against me, the great Bordeaux and just walk away like nothing hap- Bordeaux (for the record, Haseo thinks he can)

Damn... What the hell... What the hell are you?! Haseo, to Azure Kite

'scuse me. Bo

I... umm... Yes, I am Haseo's friend. Atoli

Say "good-bye". Haseo

Sorry, lady... but I think I've had just about enough of your lessons! Haseo

I'm going to save you. I swear! Haseo

Now you see? You and I are on totally different levels. Alkaid

I guess... I really wasn't prepared for this kind of thing. Kuhn

Move! Get out of the way! Or I'll eat you alive!!! Skeith

You bastard! Haseo

I wanted you to look at me! Atoli

Come on! My Magus!!! Kuhn

To become stronger. To consume all happiness and sadness... and make that as your stepping stone. Ovan

What... What is this...? My character is conciousness is...fading... Alkaid

Don't cry. Boy's don't cry. Shino

Now don't you cry...Boys don't cry, do they? Stand tall...and proud...Haseo...Find Endrance...he'll...take over...for me... Alkaid

I said...don't cry. You' Alkaid

Let me show you how those scars are made. The true tri-Edge

Do not be afraid... Burn this into your eyes! Look closely, Haseo!...This is...The truth you have been searching for!! The true Tri-Edge

You have come to like me so much, what do you plan on doing with me, Haseo? Endrance

I have realized that everything that's happened... is because of me. Haseo

We will always be together. For all time! No matter where we are in this life, nothing will ever be able to separate us! Atoli

This is the end for you!! Sakakiiiiiiii!!! Haseo

Now, Haseo. Defeat me with your fully developed Avatar! Your Grim Reaper! Come, the Rebirth! Corbenik!!! The Epitaph User of the Rebirth

Wake up, Aina!! The time has finally come to be set free!!! Ovan

O-van? Aina

0-van01 filename

I'm not leaving anyone behind... Even you. Haseo, to Skeith

With this, it all comes together. Ovan

It isn't anything like when I went after Tri-Edge all by myself. I've got friends to stand by me..... thanks. Thanks, everyone. I'll do this with his memory in my hand and his will in my heart. Haseo

This is it! We're putting an end to it all! Let's go! Haseo

It's no use. Without the Epitaph of Rebirth, we are all...! Yata

DAMMIT!!! Haseo

Little Children of Morganna. Pray now, as hard as you can. Only a strong prayer can change the world. Aura

Can we do it, Haseo? Ovan

Alright, this is it. All of the feelings that I've carved... deep into "The World"... are going into this ONE ATTACK!!! Haseo

One ending, you know, is really a new beginning. We're not done; our journey will still continue. Don't you think that's true? Ovan

I have been watching... so, be honest with yourself. Shino

You're watching, aren't you? Ovan. Shino

I pledge everything I have to you for as long as I live. Endrance

Just shut-up and come with me. Haseo proposes to Atoli

What I sent you wasn't a greeting card, it was my heart. Haseo proposes

Didn't I say that you and I are alike? But maybe,'ll turn me into a lady. Pi

H-hey! Come on! Don't just stand there! You know....uh, say something! Alkaid

You've gotta be cool, and real sweet, no matter how demanding or needy I am! Alkaid

I'll make you happy. Haseo proposes

You made mr happy. Tabby

Y-you know my heart belongs to Master En... AND the age differance between us doesn't concern you?! Are you CRAZY!? Saku

...You know, I did think we kinda had the same way about us. And I'll gladly admit that it did make me kinda mad to see you making so many friends. I was worried that somebody might take you away... Bordeaux

Alot has happened, but I really love the world! And you, and Silibus, and well, everybody in The World! Gaspard

I warned him we are alike! Pi in a confusion over Yata and Haseo's sexuality.

For you, Haseo, I'd even put my life on the line! It's a promise between men. Matsu

You're looking pretty cool these days, kid. Well I'd say that's only natural, you being my student and all. Antares

There's more than one girl owt there. Now, just forget all the bad thoughts! Today your gonna party with me, my friend! Kuhn

Oh, I want that Tri-Edge... Natsume

Heehee, I'm really excited about going adventuring with you Haseo! It's gonna be fun! Zelkova

Alright! Lets go do our best, Haseo! Silabus

Urgh. Odious girl! Kaho(.hack//Cell volume 1 page 111)

Hang in there! if you get killed, I'll heal you up, so go ahead and get the crap beaten out of you, Kaho(.hack//Cell volume 1 page 93)

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