"This game has an amazing amount of independence."
— Ovan —

Fore Feel is the fourth episode of .hack//Roots.


Ovan giving Haseo a Virus Core.

In the Twilight Brigade's @HOME Sakisaka, Tabby, and Haseo discuss their reasons for joining the Twilight Brigade. B set meets with Phyllo after she learns Haseo has joined the Twilight Brigade. Neither she nor Gord were invited to the guild, which has her feeling a little jealous of Haseo. They go on to discuss the recent glitches that have been happening within The World R:2.

Sakisaka, Tabby, and Haseo are to adventure but Ovan calls Haseo to meet him at Arche Koeln Waterfall. Shino and Ovan discuss the spread of recent rumors. As Haseo arrives, Ovan presents him with a rare green diamond-like item. Ender and Tawaraya discuss the impact Haseo has had by joining the Twilight Brigade and Naobi tells Ender to keep a very close eye on the actions of the Twilight Brigade.

Sakisaka and Haseo startled by news of Tabby being PK.

The Twilight Brigade meets and plans to gather information on the rumors that have been appearing recently. Tabby and Sakisaka continue to train, while Haseo and Shino go to Hulle Granz Cathedral. Shino tells Haseo about a statue of a girl Aura that used to be inside the Cathedral and about the Lost Grounds that were hacked into the game. Ovan enters and speaks of the independence of the game; the part that even the administrators cannot control. Ovan and Shino take Haseo to a difficult area for him to level up in.

Ender corners B set and inquires her about what she knows about the Key of the Twilight, which was very little. As Sakisaka and Tabby are enjoying some down time in a field, Gord shows up, asking about Haseo then leaving. At the Twilight Guilds @HOME Sakisaka asks Haseo why he met with Gord and why he joined the guild, to which Haseo replied 'no reason.' Just as Sakisaka was about to get physical with Haseo, Shino runs in and tells them that Tabby had been PKed.