"Kite, you are strong... But there is something no one can defeat, no matter how strong they are. Do you know what that is? TIME!"
— Flügel —

Flügel (フリューゲル) is the leader of Schicksal, He first appears on a rooftop with Cello while in battle with Kite.



Fluegel appears as a grown man with a golden monocle covering his right eye. Initially he had long, white hair, and wore armored boots and a black trench coat adorned with clocks. After being Data Drained by Kite, his character has black hair, and wears only a dress shirt, slacks, suspenders, and tie. A single clock remains on the side of his collar. Because members of Schicksal use altered PCs, it is assumed this is how Fluegel's character looked before it was altered. He wields a clock-themed gun called "Brieler Roessle" and is often seen chewing candy.


Fluegel has a carefree attitude, he doesn't seem to mind many things, but when he's interested in something, he shows more determination than anyone in Schicksal.


Sogabe Ryuuji (曽我部隆)

Basic Info


Twilight Knights

After suddenly appearing inside of The World R:X, Tokio finds himself caught in the middle of a battle between Kite and Flügel. During the fight, Kite uses his Data Drain to change Flügel back into his normal PC body, however, Flügel counterattacks with a freezing spell, freezing Kite for the time being. He spends most of his time in the Schicksal HQ, monitoring Tokio's progress.


  • "Flügel" is German for "grand piano".
  • Flügel is the only member of Schicksal shown on the official Link site to not have his number revealed, although it is assumed that his rank is No. 1, being Schicksal's leader.


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