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Fiction is a compilation album by Yuki Kajiura featuring various works from her other projects and .hack//SIGN. It features tracks performed by Emily Bindiger, Yuri Kasahara, Deb Lyons, Kaori Nishina, Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch, and Yuki herself on the keyboard


Track Title Time
1 Key of the Twilight (by Yuki Kajiura) 3:45
2 Cynical World (by Yuki Kajiura) 4:34
3 Fake Wings (by Yuki Kajiura) 3:45
4 Fiction (by Yuki Kajiura) 4:06
5 Vanity (by Yuki Kajura) 4:13
6 Red Rose (Japan Only) (by Yuki Kajiura) 4:36
7 Canta Per Me 3:05
8 Zodical Sign 3:50
9 Awaking 2:43
10 Open Your Heart (by Yuki Kajiura) 4:40
11 Winter 2:50
12 Salva Nos 6:30
13 Lullaby (Japan Only) 3:39
14 Echo (Japan Only) 0:45

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  • Key of the Twilight (.hack//SIGN)
  • Cynical World
  • Fake Wings (.hack//SIGN)
  • Fiction
  • Vanity
  • Red Rose
  • Canta per me (Noir)
  • Zodiacal Sign (Aquarian Age)
  • Awaking (Aquarian Age)
  • Open Your Heart (.hack//SIGN)
  • Winter
  • Salva Nos (Noir)
  • Lullaby (Noir)
  • Echo


  • Yuki Kajiura personally conducted Fake Wings, Fiction, Vanity, and Zodical Sign.