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Ryou Misaki wearing an FMD

A Face-mounted display, or FMD (also Head-mounted display/HMD) for short, is a device that is placed on the user's face and displays audio-visual output. FMDs are popular peripherals for use with The World.

Neuro Goggles

Neuro Goggles were developed by SONES specifically for The World. They proved to be incredibly popular and most stores quickly sold out, leading to a shortage. The Neuro Goggles boast 100 hours of consecutive use with the CC Iron battery.


An advertisement for M2Ds.

The M2D, or Micro Monocle Display was developed in 2017 and boasts lighter weight than previous FMDs without sacrificing quality. The M2D offers a 1280 x 1024 full color projection display with a transparency option and provides high quality audio immersion via the new Omnisphere System. The default setting is monocle mode, in which only one lens is activated, but it can be put into double-lens mode for a more immersive experience. Add-ons include the Automatic Broad Interpretation, which allows users to select objects in front of their face and see detailed information about them. The M2D costs $420 and is standard equipment for The World R:2.


An M3D, designed for attachment to a P-Com.

Used in 2020. It featured in The World R:X and looks more like a pair of earpieces.


By 2024 a new model of FMD that looks like a pair of glasses is released for The World FORCE: ERA. It´s a more streamlined version of the googles. When used it emits a light from the exterior while giving a full first person view from the inside.

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