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As .hack is a large multimedia franchise consisting of games, anime, manga novels, audio dramas, card games, soundtracks, info books, and magazines, fans and producers have divied up the entirety of the series into eras, or "seasons."

The 1st Season (.hack)

The first era is generally defined by the use of the original version of The World as a setting. Recurring defining terms of this era include, but are not restrained to: AIs, petty hackers, data corruption, Morganna Mode Gone and The World's final puzzle.


The 2nd Season (G.U.)

The second era was launched as "Project G.U.," and it takes place within and around The World R:2. Recurring defining terms include but are not limited to: Chosen Ones, repressed memories of personas, heavy Player Killing, the Sea of Data, Tri-Edge, violent AIs, willing and unwilling subjectation (as seen in Moon Tree and in AIDA, respectively), and secrecy.


The 3rd Season (Link ~ Versus)

This is the final era of .hack.


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