"Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. If you learned something from it, it's possible to gain that lost ground and then some. And all you have to do is avoid making that same mistake twice."
— Crim —

This article is about Epitaph, an episode of .hack//SIGN. For the epic net poem, see Epitaph of Twilight.

Epitaph is the ninth episode of .hack//SIGN.


BT goads both Bear and Crim into searching for the Key of the Twilight, hoping to make use of both parties.

The Grunty Girl

Tsukasa wanders Dun Loireag late at night and meets a girl with a pink Grunty. The girl asks Tsukasa to take care of her Grunty because she will be leaving on a three-day trip.

BT meets with Subaru, who seems to know more about the Key than Crim does. BT asks what she knows about the origin of the rumor of the Key. Subaru explains that the original BBS post about the Key was unreadable in some parts and originally written in German. The post was deleted quickly, adding to its mystery.

Tsukasa, having decided to care for the Grunty, brings food for it but soon realizes that it is gravely ill. The NPC in charge tells him that the Grunty has "Grunty Distemper" and requires a "Purple Cherry" to cure it. Tsukasa decides to search it out in a snowy field. The search for the field is more difficult on Tsukasa, who, unlike ordinary players, can feel the extreme cold temperature and the piercing wind of the field and is prone to physical fatigue.

Meanwhile, BT meets with Bear and Mimiru and tells them about the original post about the Key of the Twilight. They agree that Mimiru should contact Sora and see if he has any contacts that are of use. Sora tells her that information can be found through Helba, whom Bear recognizes as a skilled hacker. In exchange for contact with Helba, Sora had to be allowed to join the group.

The sick Grunty and the Purple Cherry

Mimiru leaves the meeting and gates into Dun Loireag, where she sees Tsukasa running to a Grunty stable. Tsukasa brings the Purple Cherry to the sick Grunty, but is too late. The Grunty dies just as its owner arrives. The girl scolds Tsukasa but is immediately approached by Mimiru, and the two argue over what happened. Tsukasa blames himself for not coming back in time and leaves, and Mimiru follows. Mimiru attempts to console him and asks why he agreed to the girl's request in the first place. Tsukasa explains that he felt the warmth of the Grunty and decided that he wouldn't allow it to disappear, but despite his promise, he failed.