The World

The World R:1 uses a system of six elements. The elements are grouped into "opposing" pairs, with all other elements being neutral. They are:

Fire and Water

Earth and Wood

Thunder and Darkness

Monsters and players both have different attributes for all of the elements. If monsters or players have a high attribute to a certain element, they take little damage from it, and do great damage with it. Unlike some RPGs, it is impossible to absorb elements through any means, with the possible exception of cheating devices.

Often, monsters will have an elemental attribute so high that they have a "tolerance" against it, being immune to all attacks of that element. Sometimes, this tolerance can be removed by using a skill that lowers their elemental attribute. Monsters are generally always weak to their opposing element.

A player gains elemental attributes according to their equipment. In general, a piece of equipment that adds to one or more elements will subtract from the "opposite(s)," and the increased elements will match the equipment's skills, but these rules do not always apply. Certain items can also modify elemental parameters, with Installation Books doing so permanently. Because of this, players can "balance" their stats, and will not necessarily have any strong or weak elemental affinities.

Elements can be utilized through attack skills, spells, and monster attacks.

Every field has a corresponding element, as well. This determines both the type of field it becomes, and the monsters that appear in it. With the exception of special events, monsters will not appear in a field that is the "opposite" of their element, though any the field is not restricted only to monsters that match its type.

The World R:2

The World R:2 revised some of the elements.

Fire and Water

Earth and Wind

Light and Dark


The World FORCE:ERA returned to using the elements from The World R:1. Each element is also given an emblem.

Force era Fire


Force era Water


  <    Fire and Water    >
Force era Earth


Force era Wood


  <    Earth and Wood    >
Force era Thunder


Force era Darkness


  < Thunder and Darkness >
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