Character Profile
Name N/A
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Class N/A
Guild N/A
First Appearance Beyond the World
Name Eleanor
Age Unknown
Gender Female

Eleanor (エレノア) is character from .hack//Beyknd The World. Offline she is an undercover FBI agent working with David Steinberg as part of the NAB (Network Analysis Bureau) a Global Network Investigative Service and a executive member of the anti-aura fraction for the environmental terrorist group mama.


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Prepare for The Twilight

CC415-MYM58-HS48 JUN 2012 CyberConnect Co,ltd.

On November 2, 2024 4:17 am Off Amakusa Bay a certain article created by Jun Bansyoya labeled CC415-MYM58-HS48 JUN 2012 CyberConnect Co, ltd was found by David Steinberg and Eleanor during their time as NAB agents. It's contents unknown.


Thanatos Report