An Edge Punisher.

"Edge Punishers are a job class that prefers to wield giant swords. A blow from one of these weapons has enormous power. It can slice most enemies in half with a single strike."
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Edge Punisher (撃剣士, Gekken-shi) is a class in The World R:2. Similar to the Heavy Blades from R:1, Edge Punishers use huge, double-handed Broadswords. The same class returns in The World R:X.


Edge Punishers excel in physical attacking, especially against armored foes; however, they are much slower than classes such as the Blade Brandier. Edge Punishers also have higher physical defense from the heavy armors they can equip, but suffer from lower magical defense as a trade-off. This class's long reach makes it easier to hit highly mobile blocking enemies with charged attacks, and gets even stronger in hitting these enemies with charged attacks when they gain the ability to move while holding a charged attack in Reminisce.


See Broadswords.

List of Skills

In The World R:2, unlike in its predecessor, skills are inherent to a class, not to a weapon. As a player raises his or her job level, he or she will gain access to new abilities.

  • 虎乱襲 (Koranshuu) - Tiger Blitz (Target: Unit, Normal, SP Required: 12, Job Lv. 1)
  • 壱刹・双月 (Issetsu Sougetsu) - Twin Moons (Target: Unit, Aerial, SP Required: 15, Job Lv. 3)
  • 初伝・鎧断 (Shoden Yoroidachi) - Armor Pierce (Target: Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 18, Job Lv. 5)
  • 骨破砕 (Koppasai) - Bone Crusher (Target: Area, Piercing, SP Required: 20, Job Lv. 7)
  • 伏虎跳撃 (Fukkochougeki) - Tiger Strike (Target: Area, Normal, SP Required: 28, Job Lv. 12)
  • 奥義・甲冑割 (Ougi Kacchuuwari) - Shell Breaker (Target: Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 36, Job Lv. 15)
  • 秘奥義・重装甲破 (Hiougi Juusoukouyaburi) - Armor Break (Lv.3 Art, Target: Unit, Piercing, SP required: 62*, Job Lv. 21)
  • With each Edge Punisher job level after gaining this art, the required SP will drop as follows: 62,59,56,52,49,46,42,39,36,33.

Edge Punishers in G.U.

See Category:Edge Punishers.


  • The Edge Punisher class was originally called Brandish in the Japanese version. The kanji, however, means something more like "Impact Swordsman".
  • The skills Mystic Moon and Bone Dust were removed from the final release of the .hack//G.U. Games for unknown reasons.
  • The only Edge Punisher to join Haseo's party is the temporary Asta.


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