"I saw a player in the shape of a cat! Is it really possible to edit like that?"
— Edajima —

Edajima (エダジマ) is a character from the .hack//Games. He is a friend of Sieg and a contact of Wiseman.



Edajima is a heavily armored Heavy Axeman.


Edajima is a friendly person online; he is more than happy to help people out when they're in trouble and freely gives advice on how to solve problems.


Basic Info

Nothing is known about Edajima offline.



Edajima first appears alongside Sieg. Kite overhears him talking about a cat player character he saw. This leads Kite to his first meeting with Mia and Elk. He later appears on orders from Wiseman to deliver a crucial Virus Core O needed by Kite. Much later, Sieg mentions to Kite that Edajima helped him muster up the courage to ask out Mai Minase in the real world.


  • In the English version, Edajima is voiced by Jamieson Price, who also voiced Junichiro Tokuoka and Ovan.
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