"Truth can always be found deep in the dungeons."
— Balmung —

Dungeons are areas players go to fight battles against Monsters, gain treasure, and get experience.

The World

Shugo and Hotaru explore a dungeon in The World

To get to the dungeon, players must go through the field, and to get to the field players have to enter a random three phrase combination at the Chaos Gate. Each dungeon has a Gott Statue, which contains rare treasures. The layout of the dungeon consists of the same ten room types (plus the entrance and Gott Statue room) organized randomly. There are four types of dungeons in The World. They include:

  • Stone Wall Dungeons (Immature Eggs are found here)
  • Castle Wall Dungeons (Bear Cat Eggs are found here)
  • Cave Wall Dungeons (Invisible Eggs are found here)
  • Flesh Wall Dungeons (Bloody Eggs are found here)

In general, dungeons consist of at least two floors and at the most, five floors. The final dungeon in Quarantine has ten floors, and its bonus dungeon has fifteen.

The World R:2

A Cave Dungeon

In The World R:2, dungeons are a separate type of area from fields, which players can enter directly from a Chaos Gate. For many dungeons the goal is to reach the Beast Statue or defeat a boss, though various quests may require other conditions to be met. There are four known types of dungeons in The World R:2, they include:

  • Caves
  • Shrines
  • Towers
  • Forests